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Leçons de Français avec Léa

🔵‎ Développement de vocabulaire 🔵‎ Pratique de la grammaire 🔵‎ Activités d’écoute 🔵‎ Prononciation et correction d’accent 🌍 Des conversations riches ! 🔵 Coaching pour mémoriser 🔵 Devoirs 🔵  De la structure et du sur-mesure 🔵 Du plaisir !

FAQs. Where do I schedule my appointments?

If you want to let Léa manage your lessons booking, just contact her by your usual mode of communication. If you want to manage scheduling by yourself, book your lessons on her Italki profile.

What if I need to reschedule a lesson?

Contact Léa by your favorite mode of communication with her (e-mail, skype or WhatsApp) and you can reschedule as soon as 12 hours before the time of your appointment.

Can I get a refund?

Completed lessons should be paid. Another other unused lesson or package is refunded on a simple e-mail request.

I want to get a subscription, but what if I go on vacation?

A subscription is easy and flexible too! If you go or Léa go on vacation for two weeks, we just push your payment date two weeks later. If you want to pause your subscription for an undetermined duration, we can pause it. You can also cancel it anytime. 

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📞 +33 686178772 (iMessage, Whatsapp)


Packages | 2024

🔵 5 HEURES | €290

“Celui qui ne progresse pas chaque jour, recule chaque jour.” (Confucius)

Accès au calendrier : contacter Léa

Expiration : 31 Mai 2024

🔴 10 HEURES | €490

“La persévérance vient à bout de tout !” (Proverbe Français)

Accès au calendrier : contacter Léa

Expiration : 31 Juin 2024


Abonnements | 2024

By choosing a subscription, you get your personal time slot in Léa”s teaching calendar. You’ll get automatically billed every month for the corresponding amount. ONLY choose a subscription if you’re a current student and if you’ve priorly discussed about the terms with Léa. 

🔵 1H/semaine | €249 par mois

“Apprenez à apprendre chaque jour.” (Azzedine Aissaoui)

🔴 2H/semaine | €449 par mois

“On peut apprendre à un ordinateur à dire : “Je t’aime,” mais on ne peut pas lui apprendre à aimer.” (Albert Jacquard)


Students Reviews

Maria Ridder
Maria Ridder
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Fantastic, can't wait to book another lesson
Homeschooling Mom
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Lea is very very very good teacher, my daughter loves her so much. She gives her a fantastic and fun time for studying French class. Thanks a lot
Brad Zenger
Brad Zenger
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Léa has been helping me with my pronunciation. In conjunction with the textbook Léa is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. Because of her strong experience in linguistics, she can both tell me what I need to do, but she can also show me and even explain why. It’s really effective. She’s very effective and truly a pleasure to work with.