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Spring news, nouvelle du printemps, now you can find my French learning series on Spotify. Yay, youpi !! This is what it looks like:

This new French learning series is an adaptation of « The Staircase » method that I created back in 2017. At the time, I had come out with the simple concept of learning grammar notion by sequences of phrases that followed a stairs pattern, un motif en escalier. For almost five years, I collected feedback from learners and followers who supported the project. I’m happy to announce, j’ai le plaisir d’annoncer, that year this 2021 I’m publishing a new audio learning series! They’re based on the same story of a family of winemakers in Provence, France and each chapter focuses on a specific language notion while pulling listening further into the narration.

The main improvement is that I enriched the series with more dialogs. They come with more authentic vocabulary and typical conversations from French family-life. In addition, dialogs also give room to sense of humour and true French, expressive intonations!

🎒Le Vignoble

New French Learning Audio Series, hosted by Léacafé podcast

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