Hey ladies (“salut les filles”) learning French! Do you agree that we women have our own special sense of humor? We have our own struggles and joys and our own private universe that is so uniquely feminine.

Since you are studying French, I thought you might be curious about what it’s like to be a woman living in France. Is there a “French woman” mindset? What are some inside jokes that only women truly appreciate, and how do we express them? What if, for one day, you could put yourself in the high heels (or winter boots) of a French woman?

If I were you, I would explore these questions by flipping through French BD (pronounce “bédé” — in other words, graphic novels and comics). I mean, not ANY French comics but the popular ones written by women, for women (“par des femmes, pour des femmes”)!

I’ve chosen just for you some French comics written par des femmes, pour des femmes. You can find the authors on social media, but for a more authentic experience, I hope that you will take the time to order a paperback and read at least one of them, because I know you won’t regret it!

What it’s like to be A French Freelancer and Mother, by MATHOU 

Some days all you want to do is drink hot chocolate, call your mum, and curl up on the couch, but when you’re about to empty the package of Petit Lu, STOP! Instead, grab your copy of Tout Plaquer et Aller Prendre un Bain, the BD by Mathou! Her character indulges in her own kinds of “péchés mignons” (guilty pleasures), and her stories are so French and heartwarming.


To add to your bookshelf

Et Puis Colette (2018)

Tout Plaquer et Aller Prendre un Bain  (2016)

Les Wonderwomen aussi Mettent une Culotte Gainante   (2016)

by Mathou

What it’s like to be a « Paresseuse », by Soledad Bravi 

Madame Bravi is not a “paresseuse” (lazy person) at all. With more than 30 publications for children and young adults and with ten times as many collaborations with French brands, including Elle magazine, Pierre Hermé, Clarins, and Bonpoint, Soledad Bravi is a prolific illustrator. The last time I visited the Château du Roi René, I even found her amusing characters on a collection of plates for children (images below).


« Je goûte avant de dire que je n’aime pas »

(I taste before saying I don’t like it.)

« Je ne fais pas de messes basses à table »

(I don’t whisper at the table.)

To add to your bookshelf

« Les Paresseuses« 

by Soledad Bravi


What it’s like to be a busy Parisian woman by Margaux Motin

Her comics speak by themselves! Margaux Motin is fun to follow on Instagram and you can find her in most libraries in France too.

To add to your bookshelf

7 Clés pour une Vie de couple Egalitaire (2017)

La Femme Parfaite est une Connasse (2015)

101 Questions à se Poser Avant de se Marier (2015)


Merci Mesdames Motin, Bravi et Mathou pour avoir gracieusement prêté leurs illustrations comiques. Merci Kris pour avoir contribué à la version anglaise de cette article. Merci à vous, lectrices pour avoir lu cet article et j’espère que vous avez apprécié.




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